HOF reflects on 27 years of innovation

HOF co-CEO, Dennis Klostermann underlines the company’s commitment to innovation and international expansion, following almost three decades of business.

Starting out as a modest team of four welders and a technician in Northwest Germany back in 1997, HOF, founded by Hans-Wilhelm Flegel, has upheld the mantra that ‘there is no idea that cannot be implemented’.

A pivotal moment for HOF in its early years was when it was entrusted with the staging of German singer-songwriter Marius Müller-Westernhagen’s Live Tour 99, which necessitated an exceptionally sophisticated stage set.

“We have remained true to this vision in the intervening 25 years, and we continue to live by the mantra of ‘not doing things by halves’ – an attitude and working ethos that has contributed and still contributes to us being entrusted with technically challenging and demanding projects,” Dennis Klostermann, co-CEO proudly informed TPi.

Since then, HOF has evolved into a comprehensive provider of special constructions, boasting a workforce of over 70 individuals. “We have consciously tweaked some key parameters to make sure the company would grow the way we wanted it to grow,” Klostermann explained. “In addition to being a full-service provider for special constructions, we have intentionally developed into a truss manufacturer.”

In 2019, HOF introduced the MLT TWO pre-rig truss system, a fixture in numerous live events to date, and subsequently launched the MLT THREE last year – an advancement within the pre-rig truss range tailored to accommodate moving lights and LED screens.

“It’s important for us to unite all key functions like for example designers, engineers, welders, and sales under one roof, as this ensures that we can deliver the best possible service and solutions to demanding and complex ideas, as well as best possible product innovations to our customers,” Klostermann added.

In recent years, HOF has made substantial investments in its production facilities to meet the growing demand, becoming the sole German truss manufacturer equipped with a welding robot.

Klostermann expressed the company’s commitment to further expansion into new markets and continuing its robust international growth trajectory in 2024. “We’re focused on developing our business further into new markets and will also pursue our strong international expansion throughout 2024,” the co-CEO asserted.

HOF co-CEO, Dennis Klostermann.

According to Klostermann, HOF’s customers often require a blend of standard and customised products. “Being able to manufacture in-house means that our customers can get everything from a single source, including structural engineering and assembly if required,” Klostermann noted.

“We expect 2024 to be another year of strong international growth for HOF. The MLT TWO and MLT THREE pre-rig truss solutions received tremendous feedback and acceptance in the market, and we expect to achieve further market penetration as well as geographical expansion.”

In addition to the MLT pre-rig truss family, HOF unveiled the PG3 NEO at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024. The company is also expanding its production capacities in Germany and is in the process of establishing its powder coating facility – a move aimed at enhancing its supply chain efficiency. “Our ‘can do’ attitude is one of the founding principles of HOF and we have learned over the years that when there is humour and a positive attitude to new and sometimes – at first glance – crazy ideas, we can deliver better work and better results,” Klostermann concluded.

“Even in the most stressful situations, we find that humour is essential to keeping the team motivated and to keep a great team morale and atmosphere. We are all ‘in the same boat’ at HOF, and if things get stressful in one department, the colleagues of other departments are always happy to offer a helping hand.”

Words: Jacob Waite

Photos: HOF