Gear Heads: KV2 Audio ESM 312

KV2 Audio Head of Global Sales Strategy, Jonathan Reece highlights the firm’s latest three-way stage monitor.

What was your goal with the development of KV2 Audio ESM312?

“Our goal in bringing the ESM 312 monitor to market was multi levelled. Firstly, clients already using our VHD point source concert systems were struggling to find a large format high SPL stage monitoring solution that delivered the same audio quality to the musicians and stage as their audiences were experiencing. Secondly, we saw an opening – in light of the shift to in-ear monitoring – to produce a high definition three-way stage monitor that would achieve absolute vocal clarity, true full range performance and real instrument separation, even at reduced levels if required.”

What was it like launching a product amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

“COVID-19 has undoubtedly been a very challenging time for lots of people, both personally and at work. To try and draw some positives, it was also a period of reflection for many and this gave some breathing space for our R&D team to facilitate alternative projects such as the ESM 312, away from the usual pressures, deadlines and demands of the day to day business in normal times.”

What are the benefits of KV2 Audio ESM312?

“We believe ESM 312 is one of the only three-way stage monitors on the market today that offers, rather than a shared coaxial solution, a dedicated mid-range horn for those absolutely critical vocal frequencies. If required, the ESM 312 has a high SPL giving true full range performance, with solid bass, real low frequency extension and vocal clarity. ESM 312 benefits from feedback rejection and an impressive cardioid characteristic when used in pairs. Feedback rejection has always been a great selling point of KV2 products and that is of even greater significance with a stage monitor. ESM312 is also detailed at all volume levels – offering the same clarity, dynamics and definition.”

KV2 Audio debuts ESM312 stage monitor

Why is it important to develop a product designed to withstand the rigours of touring and repeated stage use?

“Sustainability has always been a big part of our message and goal. Our ethos of less boxes to cover larger areas with higher intelligibility and lesser amplifier requirements go a long way towards achieving a very efficient, if not already green solution. ESM 312’s passive design means just one amplifier channel is required, drawing less current, to still offer a level of detail and definition rarely seen in many active driven units requiring double the amplification.”

What has the response been like since the release of ESM312?

“The response from those who have heard or performed through the ESM 312 so far has been amazing. Genuine surprise, even from seasoned KV2 professionals. To have a high SPL monitor, that is so compact yet producing solid bass lines and kick drums down to 40Hz, while retaining the total separation of all the other instruments, coupled with a vocal that whatever you do just seems to sit on top of the mix is rare. In their opinion the ESM 312 absolutely achieves all that and more.”

This article originally appeared in issue #268 of TPi, which you can read here.