Fuze Wash FR LED Fresnel on Elation Innovation Hour

Fuze Wash FR LED Fresnel on 19 August Elation Innovation Hour.

Elation Professional resumes its Innovation Hour virtual product launches 19 August with a look at a new automated LED Fresnel in the company’s high-value Fuze series, the Fuze Wash FR.

Join National Sales Manager John Dunn and Global Product Manager Matthias Hinrichs live on 19 August at 10:00am (PST) in the U.S. as they introduce some of the leading technologies implemented in the Fuze Wash FR. The live demo also includes a Q&A session. 

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The Fuze Wash FR is designed for any application where an automated Fresnel fixture with outstanding colours, a wide zoom range and framing beam control where a soft field is required.

Suitable for a wide array of precision lighting applications, it is ideal for the refined performance requirements of theatrical venues.

The Elation Hour and Elation Innovation Hour are virtual presentations that delve into the more personal side of product development. They includes discussions with top industry designers who share their experience across the broad scope of entertainment lighting, as well as virtual product launches.