Flares Brighten Jingle Ball 2017

The iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour 2017, presented by Capital One, was brightened in 2017, with an impressive lighting rig designed by Lighting Designer Tom Kenny, who made use of the TMB Solaris Flare LED fixtures.

The 12-city holiday concert tour ran from 28 November to 7 December. Select dates included Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, the Chainsmokers, and many more. “Love those Flares,” said the shows’ LD, Tom Kenny. “A few years ago, TMB gave me some Flare demos to try out. Since then, after using Flares very successfully on many TV shows, including Kids’ Choice Awards, as well as the VMAs and Europe’s EMA award shows, I specified them for The Who Hits 50! tour.

“I always get wonderful compliments when I use Flares because of the fixture’s terrific colour and strobe effects. I was introduced to the Linear Flares last year and eagerly used them on this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival, and then on the Jingle Ball tour. Both of those events have the best of the best programmers, including the folks that work with me: Mike Appel, Tiffany Spicer-Keyes, Jason Baeri, Andrew GIF, and Joel Young on Jingle Ball.

Kenny added: “Everyone comments on the Flare’s brightness and the quick action. I’ve been very fortunate to be offered all the newest and coolest products to try, and Flares blow everything away by far!” The most versatile light on the market, with their incredible brightness, vibrant colours, smooth dimming, and effective control options, Solaris Flare LED fixtures have become a staple for lighting designers across all markets.

At Live Design International 2016, TMB debuted the Flare Q+ LR, a 108-LED linear version, and Solaris’ revolutionary Q+ Driver Technology, which made the classic rectangular 96-LED Flare even brighter, with a new Theatre Mode that virtually eliminates fan noise.

In 2017, at PLASA London, TMB introduced the newest member of the Flare family, the Flare Q+ Rayzr. The new Rayzr incorporates all the world-famous Flare Q+ features and performance in a low-profile, razor-thin blade format, opening up a new vista of creative possibilities. TMB is the exclusive distributor for Solaris Flare products.