Entec Freehold Deal is Key to its Future

As its 50th anniversary year draws to a close, Entec Sound & Light has completed the purchase of the freehold of its warehousing and office buildings in Northolt, Middlesex – the company’s headquarters since January 1991.

As the company approached the end of its lease agreement, it began searching for a new location. After visiting more than 60 potential warehouses, however, it was clear that no other property was able to offer the comprehensive range of facilities already available at its current home, situated close to Heathrow Airport, with convenient access to central London and the rest of the UK via the M25, M40, M4 and M3.

Entec’s chairman Nick Pendleton commented: “This is an important milestone for Entec – after 50 years, we finally have complete control of our own premises. This purchase follows almost a year of looking at all the options. Good access, security, warehouse size and expansion opportunities were among the main criteria, and we eventually realised that the answer was literally on our own doorstep.”

He added: “This investment is a clear commitment to continuing to improve our company. We can now look ahead, safe in the knowledge that our future is in our own hands.”

Meanwhile, the final instalment of Entec’s 50th-anniversary archive is now available at www.entecLIVE.com/2000s