Elation Coffee Break Examines Wash Fixture Lights

How does your power luminaire match up? Artiste Mondrian features on the 6 May edition of Elation Coffee Break.

The all-important wash light has evolved into a dynamic, multi-featured LED wash fixture that is vastly superior to wash luminaires found even just a few years ago. Join Elation’s Alistair Smyth and Frederik Afif on this week’s Elation Coffee Break as they take a closer look at three premium LED automated wash fixtures that have given lighting designers all new creative wash possibilities, the Artiste Rembrandt, Artiste Van Gogh and Fuze Wash FR.

Designers have asked for more features and versatility and Elation has delivered. Brighter, carefully tuned LED engines with CMY and SpectraColor (CMYRGB) colour mixing systems offer a wider colour-mixing gamut and outstanding output with advanced beam control. Colour temperature control and high CRI’s make for more accurate colour reproduction and a more optimised wash field. Innovations like a wash texture concept, magenta/green adjustment plus CMY emulation allow for even more flexibility.

The Elation Coffee Break on modern wash lights will air live on 4 March at 11am (CEST). Tune in at www.facebook.com/ELATION.Pro.Europe/live/. No registration is required.

The Elation Coffee Break is an online presentation series from Elation’s European office in Kerkrade, the Netherlands that takes an up-close look at some of the company’s most popular product series. To view previous Elation Coffee Break webinars, please visit www.facebook.com/ELATION.Pro.Europe/live/.