EB-PQ2000: Epson’s smallest and lightest 4K projector yet

Lifting the lid on Epson’s latest high-resolution, eco-friendly 4K projection series with a compact form factor.

What was the idea behind the creation of the EB-PQ2000 Series?

“The main aim of the EB-PQ2000 Series was to offer our customers a range of high brightness 4K resolution projectors, within the same footprint of our existing EB-PU2000 Series of full HD models, with our 4K Crystal Motion chipset delivering improved native contrast and image processing to fully harness the potential of 4K to impress audiences.”

Which features will appeal to customers?

“The 4K resolution offers customers a massive increase in on-screen pixel count to support ever more demanding requirements. The increased resolution will be of benefit in traditional single projector installations for all kinds of applications, but of greatest interest will be the immersive sector. Resolution is so important here because the user experience is often so much closer to the image. Therefore, smaller pixel size and higher pixel density is vital for drawing the viewer into the image and helping it to be as lifelike as possible.”

How does this series of projectors contribute to reducing energy consumption and lowering carbon footprint? 

“The carbon footprint of projectors can build throughout their lifetime, from manufacturing, through transit, lifetime usage and into end of life. There is a clear requirement for high specification projectors to benefit education, information sharing and wellbeing through positive experiences, so the question is then how to limit their environmental impact. What Epson have achieved is to create the world’s smallest and lightest 4K projectors at both the 10,000- and 20,000 lumen benchmarks. Straight away this means carbon savings on material costs and initial shipping, but also in the rental and staging world, where these projectors may continue to be transported hundreds of times, the ongoing savings on logistics from that reduced size and weight will really add up. In spaces where pixel density is the most critical factor, we can now offer the same pixel count with fewer projectors, realising further savings.”

“Being compatible with our existing lens range, many customers will be able to upgrade or add to projector fleets without the need to obtain a new lens or fleet of lenses – this re-use of accessories is vital in reducing raw material consumption. Finally, the power consumption of these projectors also stacks up incredibly well against alternative technologies such as DVLED, especially when you scale up to larger image sizes.”

Where can we expect to see the EB-PQ2000 Series in the coming months?

“We have been lucky to demonstrate early viewings of the EB-PQ2000 Series at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) for the past two years, while the product has continued to be perfected for launch. The demonstrations were varied, showing set-ups such as MTR rooms – where detail is essential to support the various content elements on screen and the wider 21:9 aspect ratio – and big screen imagery, showcasing the lifelike impact we can now offer with vibrant content delivered through Epson’s trusty 3LCD engine and new 4K Crystal Motion chipset. The only drawback has been the wait for final release, but with stock flowing from May 2024. We’re excited to get started on the queue of customer projects for both rental and fixed installation.”

Photos: Epson