Dougie Lazer Uses Rogue Beams for Robot-Heart Light Show

Dougie Lazer designed a scintillating light show for Robot-Heart, the Halloween-weekend event that featured an intense beam and strobe display using CHAUVET Professional fixtures.
“Robot-Heart is the first event ever held in this building, which used to be fertiliser warehouse,” said Lazer of DNA Illuminations (New York). Working in the converted warehouse was not without its challenges, he continued. For starters, there was the lack of power for a light show, which necessitated bringing in portable industrial generators.  Then there was the 70ft high ceiling, which demanded special lifts for rigging. 
Lazer created a stunning design to fill the space between the high ceiling and the floor. He and Assistant LD Manny Darko created what they called a “light grinder,” and positioned it midway between the dance floor and ceiling. Made of over two dozen mirror balls that ranged from 4′ to almost 4ft in diameter, this collection presented countless shiny surfaces for reflecting light.
This light was provided by 16 Rogue R1 Beams. Lazer positioned half of the Rogue fixtures above the light grinder and half below it. Beams from the high output fixtures (78,700 lux at 15m) bounced wildly off – and between – the myriad of mirror balls in the unique centrepiece, sending light flying in every direction.
“We used this explosion of light to create a club atmosphere inside the warehouse,” said Lazer. “The fractured light beams also created a sense of chaos and uncertainty, which kind of fit the spirit of Halloween.” 
Lazer also used Rogue R2 Beams to make a giant robot at the event come to life. He positioned one of the high output fixtures behind each eye of the robot to engage the crowd.
Adding to the visual excitement at Robot-Heart were the eight Strike 882 strobe fixtures mounted on truss positioned at the side of the dance floor. Controlling his rig with a ChamSys MQ100 Expert, Lazer created strobe chases to match the music at various points during the two day event. 
“We were really happy with how the lighting worked to engage the crowd here,” said Lazer. “The event was fun to do, and it felt good knowing that this may have been the start of a long string of events in this building. This area is coming back just like Brooklyn did.”