d&b audiotechnik Launches Subscription-Series

d&b audiotechnik strives to make premium sound solutions accessible with Subscription-Series.

d&b audiotechnik aims to address the global trend of “pay what you consume” by offering an alternative to ownership. The firm’s Subscription-Series allows venue owners to upgrade their audiences’ sound experience with a brand-new d&b system without a large, upfront capital investment. 

“We’ve been working closely with our customers to understand their changing needs and it’s clear that technical flexibility and commercial accessibility are highly valued,” commented d&b audiotechnik CEO, Amnon Harman. “Our new Subscription-Series gives any venue owner or manager who aspires to offer the best sound experience access to d&b solutions. The world has changed, buying behaviour has changed, and it’s critical that we address these new needs.”

The standard Subscription-Series plan enables customers to fast-forward their technical, creative and business goals with the security and flexibility of a low monthly payment and commitment periods as short as 24 months. The subscription fee covers all audio system solution hardware, including accessories, system commissioning, post-install services, maintenance, and decommissioning. At the end of the subscription period, customers can choose to continue their subscription, upgrade or adjust the system requirements, or cancel the service. The d&b sales partner and dealer network are part of the new offering and will continue to provide reliable and flexible services for the end customers.

Alongside the new Subscription-Series, d&b also offers a unique pay-per-use option. The add-on option enables customers to install additional d&b equipment for use at occasional special events. Venues are charged when the enhanced system components are actually used.

The d&b Subscription-Series will be available in the US, Europe and the UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. “At d&b we have the mission to accurately transfer passions,” noted Harman. “We know that extraordinary sound enhances and shapes extraordinary experiences and that’s what our systems deliver. Subscription-Series will make our premium solutions even more accessible for all kinds of installation projects, no matter the size, budget or application.”