CHAUVET’s Ben Virgo extols the virtues of the REM Series

EU Product Manager, Ben Virgo shares what makes CHAUVET Professional’s REM family stand out from other video wall options on the market.

CHAUVET Professional EU Product Manager, Ben Virgo waxes lyrical about the REM Series.

What was the inspiration behind the creation and development of the REM Series?

“The development of the REM Series started from listening to the needs of our customers and the needs of other brands within the CHAUVET family. Users wanted a more versatile solution with integrated convex/concave curving capabilities, corner protection, and low latency performance for both the indoor and outdoor rental markets. While Kino Flo (a CHAUVET brand) saw the need for a solution with top-tier performance and signal processing for VR/XR environments, this led to us pushing for DCI-P3 colour gamut LEDs which offer 26% more colour possibilities compared to the standard sRGB LEDs from our F series.”

How has end user feedback shaped the creation of the product line?

“We worked with several key users and consulted with them during the development of the REM Series. Understanding the needs of the market is crucial and helps shape the products we produce. The REM Series is no different, customers wanted better corner protection and the ability to create curves without specialised panels, which helps them to protect their investment and offers them more flexibility with their stock.”

What are the differences between the REM1 and the REM 3IP?

“REM 1 is an indoor video wall solution with a high-resolution 1.9mm pitch, while REM 3IP is an indoor/outdoor IP65 hybrid video wall solution with a 3.9mm pitch. Both feature curving, corner protection, and low latency performance for VR/XR studio and live applications. Plus, versatile installation options, easy servicing capabilities thanks to universal magnetic LED modules, and high-quality performance with 7,680 Hz refresh rate for camera-friendly operations.”

How important is it to create and develop hybrid solutions?

“REM 3IP has been designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. We paid special attention to ensure that by adding the IP rating we didn’t compromise on the performance, serviceability and ultimately the useability of the panels. We worked with customers to understand their requirements whether these be outdoor festival stages or VR studios.”

Which features will end users benefit from and be excited about?

“The new VMP COEX Platform from NovaStar we have adopted is going to be a massive step up and is going to make mapping quick and easier. It also allowed us to push for higher performance both in terms of the refresh rate of the panels, for better on camera performance, and in the colour control. Thanks to the new platform we have achieved 22-bit grayscale and can dynamically boost images to give the best quality possible. All systems come in road cases with power and data link cables included and we offer a variety of different rigging options including a ground stacking system in a scalable road case.”

Where are we likely to find the REM Series in the future?

“The first orders have been delivered in the last couple of weeks and we are excited to see it out on events and tours over the winter months. It is important to mention and thank our UK/EU rental partners who kindly supported the development of this range, with their real-world experience and feedback. IPS have received their first shipment and are busy putting it to work on events across the UK.”