ChainMaster Releases C1 Ultra 750 kg

ChainMaster C1 Ultra 750 kg marks the latest chain hoist model in ChainMaster’s Ultra series. Complying with the SQ P2 standards as of 2018, C1 Ultra 750 kg features a dynamic safety factor and is based on the housing of the D8plus Ultra 1000 kg and, with a tare weight of only 40 kg and housing dimensions of 600mm by 270mm by 340mm, offering a balance between tare weight and load capacity.

Designed specifically for everyday setup in fixed installations, it lifts loads at 4m/min with a duty cycle of 40%. The standard equipment for the ChainMaster ProTouch Control System CM-880 includes an incremental encoder for positioning, a four-track geared limit switch for operating and emergency end position, as well as a load measuring shackle that reduces installation height compared to conventional load-measuring cells.

Depending on the project specification, two redundant absolute encoders can also be installed to achieve a SIL3 safety level corresponding to EN 61508. The high-end equipment would then also include two maintenance-free, independent low-noise brakes with brake gap monitoring and a digital temperature sensor. The standard protection level of the housing is IP55 and can be optionally upgraded to IP66.