CCTV deploys nearly 1,000m² of Gloshine Technology for Chinese National Day

CCTV deploys almost 1,000m2 of Gloshine Technology LED panels for a series of National Day shows.

1 October 2021 marked the 72nd birthday of so-called ‘New China’. Chinese state-owned broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV) helped curate an ‘ode to the motherland’ with a series of National Day shows boasting around 1,000m² of Gloshine Technology LED display screens.

The production was split into three sections – One Hundred Years of Prosperity’, ‘Striving to Achieve Dreams’ and ‘Embracing a New Journey – and featured three generations of performers and artists from all corners of China.

Gloshine Technology AR Series 4.81 LED panels were chosen by organisers as the focal point of the staging design for the floor. The wear-resistant black tempered glass mask is designed to be compressive and wear-resistant, while ZM Series 3.91 LED panels were harnessed to create a flown ring above the stage.

With the widely-broadcast production spanning a range of themes and digital content landscapes, the LED screens had to be powerful yet versatile enough to match the energy of staged performance below – while helping create an immersive environment for the millions of viewers.

In recent years, ZM Series has become a mainstay of large-scale CCTV broadcast productions, such as Mid Autumn Festival Gala, New Year’s Eve Gala, and Spring Festival Evening, among others.