CCG Commits to Robe

CCG Director of Lighting Michel Khairallah, second from the left surrounded by his team of CCG lighting technicians

Creative Communication Group (CCG), a rental, event management and production company based in Doha, Qatar, makes a large commitment to Robe moving lights with the purchase of Robe MegaPointes and Robe Spiider moving lights for its rental inventory.

CCG’s director of lighting Michel Khairallah explained that as a busy rental operation over the years, they have dealt with moving lights from several brands. “Having had good experiences in the past with Robe’s fixtures and knowing the reliability, toughness and quality of the light output, I was convinced that increasing our Robe stock was a solid investment”.

The events CCG produces include many large-scale government and cultural shows and festivals, for which they need the brightest and most durable luminaires. They also organise and deliver executive events and entertainment driven experiential projects for corporate, and private clients, dealing with all technical aspects of event management from lighting, sound, video and rigging to stage and set design.

They chose the Robe MegaPointe and the Robe Spiider for both their power and features, and the overall versatility they can bring to any show, as well as because they are popular with lighting designers.

“These 2 fixture types stood out far over and above anything that we looked at,” he confirmed. “MegaPointe is known for its strong output and incredible mid-air effects, while the Spiider is best known for its strong output and fantastic, smooth and accurate colour mixing”.

Khairallah and his team are all delighted with the results as the Robe MegaPointes and Robe Spiiders went straight out on a number of events as soon as they were delivered by Robe Middle East.

The first project one was the Made in Qatar exhibition at the Qatar National Convention Centre in February, organized by “The People” agency and lit by lighting designer Stephen Page from UK-based dbn Lighting.

In April 2018, the fixtures were used to light a CCG-organised event for Qatar Airways at the IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHG), an international meeting for all IATA representatives staged at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Resort in Doha.

A total of 16 MegaPointes were supplied to Qatar TV for use in their live TV broadcasts during the Holy Month of Ramadan in May / June 2018.

CCG was founded in 1998 by owner and CEO Jalal Dudin, and their first Robe purchases were made in 2008 with ColorWash 575E ATs, followed up six years later with a large purchase of LEDWash 600s. All these units are all still running and looking good, and have not had any technical issues over the years, underscoring the belief of the robust build quality of Robe.

Khairallah concluded: “Elie and his team give absolutely 150% in terms of time and effort to support client needs and to process requests as quickly and efficiently as possible”.