Broadweigh Joins Forces with RIGGIT

RIGGIT becomes the latest company to join Broadweigh’s growing global network of product partners.

British Colombia-based RIGGIT has become the latest company to join Broadweigh’s network of product partners.

RIGGIT President, Rick Smith commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to partner with Broadweigh and to bring the entire product range to market. We believe Broadweigh products will add a higher level of assurance to the venues and clients we work with to ensure we continue to build on our reputation as a leading company in safety, innovation and reliability. The ability to provide real time load monitoring to our clients is another step towards assuring safety in our venues.”

Over the past decade, RIGGIT has expanded its scale and services by developing a strong presence as a leading supplier to the local film and television industry, performing custom events and project installations and delivering rigging reviews to multiple clients.

Smith added: “We’re excited to have the opportunity to give more exposure to the Broadweigh brand in Western Canada. With our connections in big venues, film and television, we’re confident it will become the brand of choice for the industry here. We will be looking to market the range via our social media platforms as well as reaching out to all of our existing clients and arranging demonstrations to get the products on site and into the hands of venue managers, riggers and key rigging grips in the Vancouver marketplace”

In a year which has seen the COVID-19 pandemic impact hugely on the entertainment industry, RIGGIT has been fortunate enough to benefit from its deep routes in TV and film which have allowed the company to continue to provide equipment and support to the industry in the region.

“Of course, we experienced some of the impact with the closure of live events, but we are optimistic as we start seeing a return in the next few months of smaller events and some of our corporate projects. We have bookings in venues for 2021 and if all goes according to plan, the industry will be back as strong as ever in the not-too-distant future,” said Smith.

Broadweigh Marketing Manager, Kelly Voysey commented: “We are delighted to welcome RIGGIT on board as our latest product partner. We are excited by the excellent connections that they have in the industry not only in live events but within film and broadcasting too. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship over the coming months.”

Smith concluded: “We really understand the needs of the industry in the region, and we know that our clients – both new and existing – will love the Broadweigh brand. We believe the compact size and wireless load monitoring are key factors that set Broadweigh apart from other brands. At RIGGIT our reputation is built on our ability to solve problems with fresh new ideas, inventive approaches and progressive thinking. We believe our clients will love the ability to confirm the actual real time loading of projects will ensure the equipment and loading is what was specified and meets the venues requirement. There is a great opportunity in Film and TV production to take the guesswork out of the industry and we are delighted to be able to offer the Broadweigh range, confident that it offers the same clever and innovative solution that we are known for.”