Blumano launches in Germany

BLUMANO will expand into Germany with BLUMANO Deutschland. This base, located in the heart of Western Europe, will work closely with BLUMANO’s network of offices in Ireland, the UK, Italy, South Korea and the Netherlands.

Laura van Haperen joins the organisation as a qualified DGUV V 17/18 (formerly BGV C1) expert in Germany. “During several after-work get-togethers throughout Europe, we found out that we share the same visions and mindsets,” van Haperen commented. “To give an example, standards and guidelines should always be written in a way that gives technical development departments, as well as designers, the maximum artistic freedom to design new spectacular effects. Of course — above all — within technical possibilities and the necessary safety framework.”

The company is specialised in atypical technical frameworks, including all areas standard engineering companies might not choose to deal with. This can include handling performer flying, moving elements above audiences and automation of special and unique objects designed for theatrical performances, shows, festivals, concert tours, corporate events, ceremonies and other special events.

BLUMANO also provides a variety of services designed to help clients adjust to the developing landscape of the entertainment industry. Services like engineering approvals and validations, functional safety assessments, compliance, certification, design consultancy and machinery risk assessments are just some of the services included in BLUMANO’s wide-ranging portfolio.

Over the years, BLUMANO has garnered a great reputation for ingenuity and perseverance in finding safe and workable engineering solutions in a fast-paced industry for projects all over the world. The BLUMANO Deutschland expansion highlights its dedication and commitment to machinery safety and through design support helping clients to forge ahead in bringing more cutting-edge and creative ideas to the entertainment industry.