Dermot Kennedy’s crew present The Sonder Tour

Irish singer-songwriter embarks on his biggest campaign yet with a pragmatic production team tasked with translating his storytelling to the masses.

Sonder, the name of Dermot Kennedy’s latest campaign, is the realisation that everybody around you is living a life just as complex as yours. This concept is inherently meta for a journalist with no technical background interviewing roadies about technology. Answers are often met with further questions, yet as a spectator, it is difficult to comprehend the complexities of assembling a production as vibrant as The Sonder Tour unless you spend the day with those involved.

Production Manager, AJ Sutherland – who oversaw the advancement and logistics with support from Production Coordinator, Carol Evans and Backstage Assistant, Crystal Feng – welcomed TPi to the final date of the European campaign at London’s The O2 to shed some light on proceedings. 

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.

Words: Jacob Waite

Photos: Joe Okpako and Luke Dyson