Axiom Audio Favour L-Acoustics

Tulsa-based Axiom Audio, Inc., has announced itself as a rental partner of L-Acoustic, following a recent purchase of a Kara system.

Founded by by CEO Ben Bruce in 1999, Axiom Audio is a professional live event production services company supplying AVL and staging equipment solutions. Although the majority of its clients’ events take place in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas, the company accommodates corporate meetings and events, galas, festivals, concerts, tours and more throughout the entire United States.

Purchased through L-Acoustics’ certified distributor, Skylark AV, the new system comprises 2 dozen Kara enclosures, 8 L-Acoustics KS28 and 8 SB18 subs, and 2 LA-RAK II touring racks, each loaded with 3 LA12X amplified controllers.

“Following an unsatisfactory demo with another brand, we started looking seriously at L-Acoustics and scheduled a demo, which went beyond perfectly,” Bruce recalled. “We were so impressed with L-Acoustics’ quality, the clean look, the overall knowledge of the reps and the versatility that Kara offered. Some of our audio engineers had mixed on L-Acoustics systems on various tours over the years, while others had only experienced this demo, but everyone had the same response: ‘Wow! I can’t believe the quality of sound coming from that little box—it’s so clear!’ So it was pretty much a ‘no-brainer’ for us to invest in them.”

Axiom initially purchased Kara with corporate clients in mind, the CEO notes. “This system can get really loud, but it’s also quite compact, giving stages a nice clean look for those ‘black tie’ events. We also had major rock festivals in mind, too. We needed a system that really could do both well, and we got exactly what we needed.”

Since taking delivery of the system this past summer, Axiom has used its Kara rig on a highly diverse roster of productions—from benefit concerts and church conventions to regional tours and festivals—all in an extremely wide range of venues. “Some of the venues have had weight restrictions, but with Kara being so light, we’re able to hang a greater number of boxes than ever before and bring the sound reinforcement experience in these spaces to a whole new level.”
Bruce concluded: “L-Acoustics is just superior in so many ways. The training they provide is so well done and thorough, and their level of customer service is unmatched in this industry. Joining the rental network gives us the assurance of knowing exactly what we are getting every time, and in our professional opinion, L-Acoustics has the best speaker right out of the box.”