Alcons Systems Impresses in Japan

An overview of the room in the Abeno Ward Citizen Center and Yoshiaki Yamaguchi presenting the event.

Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems made a great impression on the Japanese professional audio market in July, as the company’s new Japanese distributor E’Spec held a demonstration event at the Abeno Ward Citizen Center in Osaka

Despite the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, well over a hundred audio professionals attended the event on 14 July, which was split into three sessions to ensure effective social distancing. They included audio engineers, system designers, rental and sales companies.

Alongside a PowerPoint and video presentations, practical demonstrations of Alcons pro-ribbon systems included the LR7 / LR7B micro line-array, LR18 / LR18B compact mid-size line-array, the VR8 compact versatile monitor, VR12 mid-size versatile monitor, RR12 point-source array module and the BF151mkII compact subwoofer.

A variety of sources were played through the systems to highlight their audio quality and versatility in a wide range of sound reinforcement applications. A highlight was a demonstration of live drums by Sakae Takeda, showcasing how Alcons pro-ribbon drivers excel at handling the most dynamic sounds.

Many visitors highlighted the VR12 as being of especial interest, thanks to its user-friendliness, sound and ability to be used as a high-quality floor monitor. The compact size, lightweight and sound quality of the LR7 and LR7B line array also proved very popular outside the major touring companies. Ease of handling is very important because, in Japan, systems are rarely flown at small and medium-sized events. Stacking systems is the usual method of deployment, especially in indoor venues, so the ease that this can be achieved with the LR7 is a positive selling point.

“There were many requests to hear the LR18 / LR18B and, although we didn’t have an LR24 mid-size line array system at the event, the LR18 triggered the interest of a number of rental companies in the LR24, mostly due to its successful debut at the NAMM show earlier this year. The LR7 also received special attention,” said E’Spec’s Yoshiaki ‘Yoshi’ Yamaguchi.