ADJ’s new ‘mini’ ellipsoidals pack a mighty punch

ADJ rolls out Encore Profile Mini Color and Encore Profile Mini WW.

ADJ has expanded its portfolio of theatrical lighting fixtures with the introduction of two new compact and versatile LED-powered ellipsoidal luminaires: the Encore Profile Mini Color and Encore Profile Mini WW.

The Encore Profile Mini WW features a potent 40W warm white LED engine with a 50,000-hour average life expectancy and 3000K colour temperature. Its light is focused through precision-engineered optics to deliver a crystal-clear output with an even field and extremely high CRI of >98. This makes it ideal for illuminating performers on stage as well as scenic elements, both in a theatrical setting and for other applications such as theme park attractions and retail displays. High CRI lighting ensures realistic depiction of colour as well as enhanced depth, which means that all skin tones appear natural on stage and that scenic elements look realistic.

The Encore Profile Mini Color features a versatile colour mixing LED engine comprising 16 3.5W RGBWAL (red / green / blue / white / amber / lime) LEDs that also offer a 50,000-hour average life expectancy. By varying the intensity of the six LED types, an extremely wide colour palette can be achieved, ranging from vibrant and bold primaries to soft and subtle pastels. The LED engine can also generate white light with colour temperatures varying from 2700K up to 7000K and a good CRI of >86. In addition to full RGBWAL colour mixing, the fixture also features a dedicated Dynamic White DMX channel to allow simple selection of any desired colour temperature of white light.

Both models require the use of a lens, which are sold separately. Two lens options are launching with the fixtures that can be used to adapt their output depending on the beam angle required. Both lenses offer manual zoom, with the EP Mini Lens 15-30Z option offering a variable beam angle of 15° to 30° and the EP Mini Lens 25 to 50Z version providing wider options of 25° to 50°. Both fixtures can also be used to project GOBO patterns and are each supplied with a holder for standard ‘E’ size GOBOs (GOBOs sold separately). An optional barn door accessory – EP MINI BDA (sold separately) – is also available, which can be easily and securely attached to the front of either lens.

Their LED light engines allow both fixture models to offer digital dimming with variable curves and a selection of dimming modes as well as variable speed strobing. They also support adjustable refresh rates so that flicker can be eliminated for filming applications. A convenient OLED menu display on the rear panel provides access to an intuitive menu interface for DMX addressing and configuration of the unit’s adjustable operating parameters. They are both also supplied with a variable angle hanging bracket that locks securely into place using a pair of large thumb tightening screws.

The Encore Mini WW and Encore Mini Color are extremely lightweight and compact luminaires, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including small theatres, bar stages, museums, theme park attractions, art galleries, restaurants and shop window displays. Excluding the lens, each fixture weighs only 3.64 lbs. (1.65 kgs.) and measures just 6.03” by 5.67” by 10.75” / 153mm by 144mm by 273mm.

5-pin DMX input and output sockets are located on the read panel of both fixtures, as are power inlet and thru connections. The latter allows the power supply for multiple fixtures (up to 28 @ 120V or 57 @ 230V) to be daisy-chained from a single outlet. There is also a USB port provided on the side of both fixtures, which can be used to quickly and easily update the fixture’s firmware if updates become available in the future.

“Offering excellent optics and versatility, the Encore Mini WW and Encore Mini Color offer everything that a lighting designer expects from an ellipsoidal but in an extremely compact form,” commented ADJ USA Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “They are natural additions to ADJ’s Encore Series of LED-powered luminaires, which already includes full-size ellipsoidals as well as Fresnel and par fixtures of various sizes. These new models are ideal for a wide variety of applications where the focused output of an ellipsoidal is required but where space wouldn’t permit the use of a typically-sized fixture.”

The Encore Profile Mini WW and Encore Profile Mini Color are shipping now from ADJ USA and will be available from ADJ Europe in mid-April 2023.