ADJ Seals Compu Show Deal

ADJ Products has announced it will now take over the development, support and sales for the Compu Show lighting control software previously offered by Elation Professional for the past 10 years.

ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, explained: “As ADJ’s fixtures have evolved, we felt it was important to grow our DMX software line as well. Our existing myDMX control software has been a very successful product worldwide for ten years, but we felt we needed to offer something with more power and possibilities. Compu Show is a proven system that offers lighting designers powerful features and flexible control options to allow them to make the most of their lighting rigs and fully realise their creative vision.”

Compu Show is an advanced DMX control software application for PC, that is designed for programming and controlling large rigs of moving heads and other professional entertainment lighting fixtures from a PC. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including nightclubs and lounges, churches, concert tours, festivals and other big one-off events.

The software offers a large library of over 10,000 fixture profiles as well as a tool for easily creating custom profiles. It also features live Midi to control the software functions from a hardware desk such as the Elation Professional Midicon 2, a unique ‘pages’ concept where each fixture type has its own page which is built automatically depending on its attributes and features. Quick access switches are included to call presets such as colour and GOBO, while dynamic moving and colour-changing effects are generated automatically, allowing quick control of lighting fixtures without the need to program anything!

Scenes can then easily be built, either using channel faders or simply by selecting presets, with a collection of useful tools available that are designed to speed up workflow and feed creativity. These include a Timeline editor, Virtual Canvas for pixel mapping effects and Palettes – which allow channel values to be saved and then re-used in many different Scenes (an update to the Palette will then automatically update all the Scenes that use it).

A powerful 3D visualisation module, 3D Easy View, is also integrated into the Compu Show software. This allows a lighting rig to be mapped out digitally, to allow pre-programming to be carried out before the system is actually connected to any actual lights. Basic objects and truss structures can simply be dragged and dropped into place while lighting fixtures are instantly added as soon as their profiles are loaded into the Compu Show software.

ADJ’s Compu Show is available in three different versions, on a sliding pricing scale, which makes it accessible to users at different levels and with different budgets. Each version is supplied with a different interface, with the more advanced interfaces unlocking more powerful features within the Compu Show software.

The entry-level product is Compu Cue Basic, which provides an affordable entry point into the Compu Show ecosystem. It allows for control of a single universe of DMX channels, 512 output channels, 512 input channels and provides access to all of the Compu Show system’s basic functionality and tools with limited access to the Easy View 3D visualisation system.

Compu Cue is the mid-level product which unlocks the second universe of DMX channels (2 x 512 output channels) and also allows up to 2 universes of Art-Net control (2 x 512 output channels). The interface is also fitted with a 64K internal standalone memory which allows Scenes to be stored and played back when the unit is not connected to a PC (limited to one DMX universe using ESA2 software only).

At the top of the Compu Show range is Compu SDE. This allows control of three universes of DMX channels (3 x 512 output channels) as well as 4 universes of Art-Net channels (4 x 512 output channels). It features a Micro SD memory card for storing standalone Scenes (3 x 512 output channels), unlocks the full 3D Easy View visualiser, including advanced features such as 3D video with positioning, 2D setup views and report management printing (wireframe CAD drawings, including position and DMX channel charts), Midi Time Code In-Out, PC clock triggering, Easy Show and Network control.

Over recent years, ADJ’s equipment range has expanded to include bigger, more powerful and more versatile lighting fixtures. Now, with the introduction of Compu Show, the range also includes a flexible software solution capable of controlling large rigs comprised of these advanced fixtures.

Cutting-edge lighting fixtures and powerful control software, now ADJ has it all – at an affordable price and with the stellar customer support that has been at the heart of the company for over 30 years.

All 3 Compu Show models are only available from ADJ USA and ADJ Mexico. They will be available for distribution at the beginning of June 2018.