ADJ Rolls Out New Focus Spot 5Z LED

ADJ's new LED-powered moving head boasts an enhanced feature set.

ADJ announces the immediate availability of the new Focus Spot 5Z LED-powered moving head spot luminaire. Building on the success of ADJ’s popular Focus Spot 4Z, the new 5Z model takes the same powerful LED engine and compact body, but adds additional beam-shaping tools to give lighting designers increased creative potential.

As with the 4Z, the new Focus Spot 5Z is built around a potent 200W cool white LED engine, which offers an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan. This is focused through high quality optics to allow the fixture to punch out sharp GOBO projections, in vibrant colours, that are equally suited to adding texture to a stage as they are to generating aerial effects over a dancefloor.

Motorized focus, which allows for pinsharp GOBO projections over variable distance, is the signature feature of the entire ADJ Focus Series. In addition, the Focus Spot 5Z inherits the 4Z model’s motorized zoom function, allowing for a beam angle variable between 11 and 22-degrees. The fixture also retains the same pair of indexed rotating prisms: 5-facet linear and 6-facet circular, which allow for the creation of multi-beam effects that are ideal for mid-air projections.

The Focus Spot 5Z’s first enhancement is the addition of a second colour wheel. The first wheel features the same eight punchy saturated dichroic glass filters as the 4Z model. The 5Z’s additional wheel then adds a selection of more subtle pastel shades in addition to UV and useful CTO and CTB colour correction filters.

The next key enhancement is the inclusion of two frost filter options. The light frost is ideal for taking the hard edge off an open spot or to soft-focus a GOBO, applying a light fuzz effect while maintaining the integrity and shape of the pattern. Meanwhile, the heavy frost is for general washing and pairs very well with the CTO or CTB colour filters, allowing colour-corrected washes to be achieved. This means that the flexible Focus Spot 5Z can serve not only as a moving head spot but also as a wash, when required.

As with the Focus Spot 4Z, the new 5Z model features a GOBO wheel with six slots for interchangeable rotating patterns. However, the selection of supplied GOBOs has been revised to include more texture and breakup options. The fixture is also supplied pre-loaded with a four-colour dichroic glass GOBO, which allows multicolored effects to be achieved from one look.

The Focus Spot 5Z has been designed with the House of Worship and Theatre markets particularly in mind, and it wouldn’t be a true theatrical fixture if it didn’t offer a Silent Fan mode. The unit is fitted with two high power fans that ensure its light source and internal components are maintained at the optimum temperature. When in Silent Fan mode, which can be engaged remotely via DMX, the fixture’s LED will dim to approximately 70% of its full output allowing the fans to slow to a speed at which they become virtually silent. This allows a lighting designer to switch to Silent Mode for quiet moments during a production or reflective times of prayer in a church service, and then switch back to normal fan operation to utilise the fixture’s full output potential for louder sections where fan noise won’t be noticeable.

Fitted with high performance pan and tilt motors, the Focus Spot 5Z is capable of achieving quick movement. However, its motors also offer 16-bit fine control, which allows for precise static positioning as well as extremely smooth movements at slow speed. The fixture also offers smooth 0-100% digital dimming with a choice of six dimming curves, each optimized to a variety of different applications.

The unit weighs a very manageable 23 lbs. / 10 kg. It is also very compact, especially considering its advanced feature set, with external dimensions of 7.15” x 10.97” x 18” / 181.5mm x 278.61mm x 457.4mm (L x W x H). It is fitted with large rubber feet, to allow it to stand directly on a stage or riser, and is also supplied with an Omega bracket that can be easily attached to its base using a quick-locking mechanism.

Locking power input and output connectors are located on the back panel of the unit’s base, alongside 5-pin DMX input and output sockets and a USB port that allows for easy installation of future firmware upgrades. The fixture offers a choice of three DMX channel modes and DMX addressing, as well as configuration of the unit’s various operational parameters, is facilitated via a large backlit LCD display screen with a six button menu interface.

Since it has the same dimensions as the Focus Spot 4Z, the new 5Z model fits perfectly in ADJ’s existing DRC MH twin road case. This rugged storage and transportation solution features a top-loading design where fixtures are dropped in head first and hang from their base, which ensures maximum protection. It features four handles for easy lifting and is fitted with pro-grade casters for easy movement as well as four stacking cups, mounted in the lid, to allow an additional DRC MH case to be stacked on top.

“The Focus Spot 4Z was one of our top sellers last year,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “But some of our customers, especially house of worship and theatrical installers and integrators, told us that a few additional features would make it the perfect fixture for their markets. So we took on board their feedback and the result is the Focus Spot 5Z. It takes everything that lighting professionals loved about the 4Z and adds frost filters, extra colours, Silent Fan mode and a refined selection of GOBOs. We know that our customers working in the theatrical and house of worship spaces will love it, but also think it will prove popular with event production and rental companies looking for a powerful LED moving head spot fixture with a versatile feature set.”

The Focus Spot 5Z is shipping now from ADJ USA and will be in early June 2020 from ADJ Europe.