Adamson introduces VGt to the market

Brock Adamson, CEO of Adamson Systems Engineering, and Brian Fraser, Head of Product and Technology, spotlight the sensitivity, dispersion, uniformity, and linearity of the first product in the company’s new Vergence Group.

What challenges did you encounter bringing VGt systems to the market?

BA: “The key to the VGt performance is a completely new approach to both the mid-range driver and the associated phase plug, sound chambers and waveguides. This pursuit led through extensive FEA/BEM modelling and prototyping of diaphragms and suspension materials followed by endless FEA simulations of sound passageways. Closely modelling the MR diaphragm resulted in a surround-less driver, closely spaced to a unique array of air passageways with outstanding summation. It is this innovation that drives the VGt performance by allowing us to pack so much mid-range punch into this box. To fully explore the properties of materials we knew well, we mined much deeper into mold design and mold making. Meeting this challenge took us into geometries and performance far beyond our previous limits, giving us the VGt.”

Which features will end users in the live touring sector benefit from?

BF: “VGt offers users several key advantages. First, the ability to choose the LF coverage pattern enables users to pick the response best suited to the performance/venue/artist. Also, having a smaller box that performs as well or better than the large format boxes everyone is used to allows for greater flexibility in coverage angles. Giving the end user a powered system also allows us to get the most efficiency out of every band, while allowing us to use features such as optimisation, which improves the acoustic response of a mechanically aimed array.”

How energy efficient is the VGt system?

BF: “As the VGt has integrated amplification, we eliminate the losses associated with long runs of speaker wire. The purpose built five-channel Class-D amp and switched-mode power supply were designed to be highly efficient, so that even with eight transducers, the end user can easily power three VGt on a single 208v feed. The new M140 mid-range driver sets a new standard for mid-range reproduction. Efficiency can also be expressed as a savings in both space and fuel in transport. With VGt, tours will gain a significant amount of the truck back in rack space. For example, 18 VGt enclosures require only four RU of I/O, while equivalent rack-amplified loudspeaker systems require between 20 to 30 RU for the same number of enclosures.”

How does the combination of the cabinet’s construction materials contribute to the durability and longevity of the VGt system?

BF: “Our equipment is designed with lifespan and durability in mind. Birch is great acoustically, and so we ensure that it will last by applying a two-part wet coating that is incredibly rugged. All the metalwork is finished either with plating or by powder coating, ensuring that it remains corrosion resistant. The box is rated at IP54, so it can withstand the harsh outdoor environment without issue, and the amplifier module itself used IP67 rated connections to ensure all electronics are protected.”

Where are we likely to see the VGt system in the coming months?

BA: “Jelly Roll and Imagine Dragons will use VGt systems this year, provided by Sound Image, a Clair Global brand. In Europe, our partner network will be announcing some major shows, tours, and prestigious installations.”

Photo: Adamson Systems Engineering