AC-ET Supplies SmartPDU Choice to WCE-AV

Cambridge Weight Plan Convention 2018 Saturday evening awards show

A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. (AC-ET) has supplied the award-winning Stage Smarts smart PDU power distribution system to a creative technical production company, WCE-AV, to provide intelligent & efficient power management for its new lighting inventory.

WCE-AV works with some of the UK’s most high profile conference, live event, exhibition, roadshow, and fashion show clients. Its end-to-end service covers everything from set & stage design through to lighting, AV, power & rigging equipment.

After recently upgrading all of the company’s lighting inventory to modern LED-source fixtures, Company Director, Wayne Whitson was keen to find a power & distribution system which would offer maximum protection for the considerable new stock investment.

Wayne approached one-stop technology supplier, AC-ET, who he had purchased equipment from before, to suggest a suitable solution. Peter Loosemore in the company’s Lighting sales division recommended the StageSmarts smart PDU, a next-generation intelligent power distribution solution which has been designed to provide a new level of functionality, reliability and safety.

In keeping with the latest smart technologies, the smart PDU provides simple and highly accurate real-time load monitoring of each individual circuit – either via status indicators on the unit or remotely via any web-enabled device – enabling users to identify a potential problem before the circuit breaker trips.

Safety features include individual RCDs fitted to all outputs, to maximise electrical safety whilst also minimising the impact of an electrical fault; loss of neutral protection to prevent costly damage to connected loads caused by over-voltages; industrial grade magnetic circuit breakers for ultra-reliable operation; and swappable output connector modules.

Wayne invested in two smart PDU 48-channel systems for the company’s production needs. He commented: “The smart PDU has given me real peace of mind from being able to monitor the power load on each circuit at all times during events, so I can be sure our lighting fixtures are fully protected from accidental overload.

He continued: “At the recent 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan conference in Telford, I had the two systems linked together, with 180 LED fixtures going through them as well as 250 LED panels. I’m very impressed with how easily they dealt with the load capacity, and how they recognised that they could take even more. Their reduction in the draw of power is fantastic, so we’re benefitting from significant savings on our energy running costs too at events.”

Wayne was also impressed by the service he received from AC-ET. He added: “I’ve known Peter for at least 12 years and throughout this time, the majority of our products have been purchased from AC-ET. This includes using its in-house Tourflex Cabling service to fulfil a lot of our cable & connector needs. Peter is always available when I need him, and has always been able to provide me with a solution that meets my requirements.”