Zero Goes Beyond 88

The Zero 88 team going global in Cwmbran

Eaton’s Zero 88 has reported that they have hit the magic number of 88 in terms of territorial reach, and more specifically the number of countries to which the ZerOS lighting control products have been supplied and are now being used.

The first Elation FLX console was launched in autumn 2015 and sales rose steadily throughout 2016. Since 2017, especially following the launch of the Elation FLX S range, sales have increased dramatically via a carefully selected worldwide distribution network.

Sales to rental companies and the television sector were particularly impressive, and Elation FLX consoles were in constant use for live events and concerts. Optimised for the wide-spectrum market embracing medium-sized productions, the original Elation FLX console were designed to give users working in all sectors more time to be imaginative, inventive and efficient.

The clean, straightforward user interface plus tools like Patch Wizard and Auto Palettes which consolidate all the prep work, was aimed to offer LDs, Programmers and Operators the ability to work faster, smarter and more harmoniously in creating shows.

David Catterall, General Manager for Zero 88 Eaton Lighting Systems, estimated:“[The increase sales were] down to the foresight and hard work of the whole team here – R ‘n D, manufacture, sales, marketing and admin.”

David added that the company remains committed to ‘doing business right’ – including no waste to landfill, reducing the carbon footprint by 17% and generating new jobs due to taking the PCB manufacture in-house.