Zenso partners with Audinate to deliver DMeter app for Dante audio

The innovative application offers real time audio metering for any Dante network.

Zenso has partnered with Audinate to develop the first third-party software product that is reportedly designed exclusively for Dante users.

DMeter from Zenso is a flexible level metering application for Dante networks that runs on macOS and Windows computers, providing instant views of up to 32 channels from anywhere on your system. Presets allow you to see vital groups of channels with a single click, so you can ensure that every participant in your Dante network is heard the way they should be.

DMeter is built using the Dante Application Library, which means that Dante connectivity is built directly into the application with no need for additional drivers or configuration. DMeter is free to use with 2 Dante channels and may be expanded to a full 32-channel complement via direct purchase from Audinate within the DMeter application, using Dante Ready technology.

Managing Director of Zenso, Joseph Narai, said: “We are thrilled to be working closely with Audinate on the first Dante only software product using Dante Ready. DMeter is an elegant yet powerful metering application exclusively for Dante Networks and will be the first in a suite of Dante Ready apps we are excited to be releasing this year.”

DMeter from Zenso is available immediately for trial or purchase at www.audinate.com/products/dante-enabled/third-party-applications. The two-channel trial mode is available free of charge upon activation. Cost for adding the full 32-channel complement is only $59 payable via credit card using Audinate’s Dante Ready payment system.