Yes Events Ltd Furthers Investment in Elation Products

Yes Events Ltd has been investing in Elation Professional products for years to service a huge variety of applications. Recently, the UK-based company chose to further strengthen its stock with several of Elation’s newest offerings – the Fuze Wash Z350, Fuze Wash Z120, Platinum HFX and Satura Spot CMY Pro.

Fuze Series fixtures’ non-pixel lens face and ability to wash without multi-shadows are striking a chord with LDs looking for that classic wash look from an LED light. “We chose to invest into the Fuze series as they really are a unique offering to our clients,” stated Yes Events Director of Production Tom Chennells. “The use of a high power COB source creates a beautiful homogenised beam of light not possible with a traditional multi-chip LED wash light. The Fuze concept is simple and well executed and the output moves from a tight shaft of light smoothly out to a soft edged pool of powerful wash with an exceptionally even field.” Elation’s Fuze Series includes both single-lens PAR and moving head LED wash lights.

As designers had increasingly been asking Yes Events for an LED source moving spot fixture with accurate colour mixing, Chennells took the opportunity to thoroughly look into the choices on the market. “After extensive market research we chose the Satura Spot CMY for a multitude of reasons,” he explained. “Along with full CMY mixing the units feature a very useful variable CTO. This has already been popular with designers on the units’ first few outings to theatre shows. The fact that the Satura is powered with a bright 320W engine means no colour adjustment over time like you see with a traditional discharge source. This makes the light ideal for demanding theatre applications where a crisp even output is essential.”

The third fixture in the purchase is Elation’s mid-sized hybrid moving head, the Platinum HFX. The ability of one fixture to cover spot, beam and wash duties effectively was something that previously wasn’t possible, said Chennells, but the new generation of hybrid fixtures from Elation means designers can fulfil all three roles in one fixture and do it with accuracy and power. “The prism layering makes for some amazing mid-air effects in beam mode and the spot mode is capable of fantastic sharp gobo projection onto stages and into audiences,” he commented. “The wash mode in the HFX really makes it a complete package for creating those softer looks with a very useable even wash at a 10-34° beam angle. The new Philips 14R lamp in the HFX will redefine your perspective on what is possible from a 280W lamp. In beam mode the HFX packs a mighty 125,800 LUX at 15m comfortably, throwing a well-shaped beam of light the length of even the longest arena.”

The investment comprises 38 new Elation fixtures in all: 10 Satura Spot CMY Pro, 12 Platinum HFX, eight Fuze Wash Z350 and eight Fuze Wash Z120. Chennells concluded, “We are proud to be a pro partner of Elation Professional, holding around 150 fixtures in rental stock and supporting Elation end users with service and sales. Yes Events are looking forward to continuing to strengthen the partnership moving forward with many of the exciting Elation products that are soon coming to market.”