Vari-Lite VL10 shine brightly on Marc Anthony’s Pa’lla Voy Tour

Marc Anthony's 26-date tour featured an arsenal of VL10 BEAMWASH luminaires to deliver speed, versatility and an impressive 28,000 lumens . Photo: Todd Kaplan

Latin music star, Marc Anthony has returned to the stage with his Pa’lla Voy Tour, taking in 26-dates across North America with an arsenal of VL10 BEAMWASH luminaires from Vari-Lite delivering speed, versatility and 28,000 lumens as part of Lighting Designer, Travis Shirley’s dynamic stage design.

Shirley developed his concept around six vertical lighting arrays that provide the tools necessary to create effective and functional stage focuses. “When the drawings of the show were completed, it was time to start discussing fixture choices. Good friend and production guru Roly Garbalosa mentioned to me that our preferred vendor ProColor was looking at purchasing the new VL10s and asked me to take a look at them. How does the saying go? It was love at first sight,” said Shirley.

The tour, which kicked off at San Antonio’s 18,500-capacity AT&T Center on 27 August, celebrates 2019 album Opus and Anthony’s three-decade career. It has sold out arenas across the US, with fans eager to see him play live for the first time since early-2020.

“I wanted to create a production that could not only accommodate his talented band, but also offer the flares of Latin salsa,” revealed Shirley. “I knew that we needed some sort of modern, yet classic, approach to an orchestra set up, thus the multi-tiered stage design. From there I looked at unique and creative ways to not only light the talent, but also provide the audience with lighting design appropriate for the genre.”

He states that Vari-Lite has become a regular name on his preliminary lighting specifications. “Vari-Lite is one of the longest, most proven lighting brands in the entertainment lighting business, so naturally they make their way onto my spec list very often. The product range is so diverse,” Shirley concluded. “I find myself using newer lights like the VL10 for some shows, yet also specifying the classic VL5 for others. Vari-Lite is a staple and I love that there are no surprises with the products. I know what I’m getting every time.”