Vari-Lite shares brand strength and positive new product response at LDI 2022

Vari-Lite VL3600, VL1600 and Neo X15 maker their US tradeshow debut at LDI 2022.

Vari-Lite are “overwhelmed” at the response to the new products showcased at LDI 2022 and by the strength of the brand within the industry.

Three major new flagship products made their US tradeshow debut at the event. A highlight was the Vari-Lite VL3600 Profile IP – a large-scale, high output production profile fixture with an IP65 rating and pitched for touring and TV productions, stadiums and arenas, and large theatres and houses of worship. The other new luminaire showstopper was the VL1600 Profile – an advanced moving head profile luminaire designed for theatrical key lighting applications.

The team also unveiled the new Neo X15 control console, which was powered up for hands-on demo at LDI 2022. The Neo X15 is Vari-Lite’s flagship, high-performance lighting console, offering 15 multifunctional motorized playbacks and backlit encoders, and can output over 50,000 channels out of the box. The intuitive hardware layout includes two built-in monitors, a soft touch control screen, and built-in audio I/O connectivity that makes it easy to integrate lighting cues with sound effects, videos, and more. A smaller 5-fader X5 console is expected out early next year, with the same processor, build quality, and 100 universes of DMX as the X15.

“LDI was incredible for us,” said Brian Friborg, Vari-Lite Global Sales Leader at Signify. “The Vari-Lite brand is as strong as it has ever been so the hard work we have all put in during the past five years is really paying off. I got only positive feedback from designers, partners as well as competitors. In many of my conversations on and off the show floor the one thing that I heard the most was ‘Vari-Lite is back and you guys have done an amazing job’.

“All of our products showed really well, with the VL3600, Neo X15 and theatrical range being the stars of the show. I walked off the show floor Sunday tired, happy, humble and excited about the future. We remain passionate, enthusiastic, and forward looking and we are proud of the success we are currently enjoying.”

Fernand Pereira, Vari-Lite Global Head of Marketing at Signify, commented: “We were very excited to be back at LDI, and the show was a great success. Feedback on the booth, brand, and products was all very positive, and we had excellent interactions with a wide number of customers. The overall mood from customers about new products like the VL3600 Profile IP and Neo X15 Console was very encouraging, and we are looking forward to seeing them come to fruition in 2023.”

The team says that the VL3600 has enjoyed a tremendous response since it premiered at Prolight + Sound in April and LDI has continued this journey. Martin Palmer, Sr. Product Manager, Vari-Lite at Signify, was on-stand at LDI to showcase it. “We really focused on making the VL3600 a workhorse fixture that gives the designers what they need while making life simpler for the crew as well,” he said. “From a design perspective, the VL3600 Profile IP offers a wide set of tools to create the most amazing effects on the largest of shows. We’re thrilled with how it’s being received.”

The Vari-Lite team is available to continue discussions had at LDI, or to offer more information about the products on stand. Contacts for the team can be found at