Unlimited Vision & Sound invests in Robe

Photo: Louise Stickland

Unlimited Vision & Sound has invested in Robe T1s and LEDBeam 350s.

The business is servicing B2B events and corporate activations. The business was started by Pascal van Engelen in the 1990s, he’s currently joined by 13 full-time employees plus a raft of regular freelancers.

Engelen explained that his very first ‘Robe’ purchases actually date to the 1990’s when he was still DJ’ing and Robe was still an OEM manufacturer, making hardware for brands like Movitec and Futurelight. “We all saw then that there was a great company in the background producing this stuff. It was extremely well engineered,” he noted.

Fast Forward to 2021, where Unlimited continued making investments including these latest Robe products, the T1 Profiles and LEDBeam 350 luminaires.

This was to service a new contract at the time providing lighting and sound at the temporary home of Den Bosch’s Theater Aan de Parade, which has been closed for a complete refurbishment since August 2020 and is due to reopen in 2023.

During this time, the venue has staged productions in eight different venues around the city, including two periods in Hall 8 of the Brabanthallen Exhibition Centre, which has 860 seats and is the largest of these temporary spaces.

The moving lights were specified by lighting specialist Gertjan Stads, and they were the first LED moving lights utilised by the Theater. Unlimited Vision & Sound also built a streaming studio during COVID-19. The T1 Profiles and LEDBeam 350s are now back in the warehouse and are regularly out on numerous other jobs.

“They are both great all-round moving light fixtures,” commented Engelen.

Unlimited’s operations manager John von Gaal added: “It is a trade we were prepared to make that has paid off!”

After a couple of robust years under their belts, Unlimited Sound & Vision will be moving to a new warehouse in 2023.