University Medical Center Groningen reveals results on the Li.LAC Microphone Disinfector

The Li.LAC Microphone Disinfector was introduced by LAC Labs in early 2021. Li.LAC is enjoying growing popularity worldwide in productions of all sizes, as it allows a simple and fast disinfection of handheld microphones as well as lapel and headset mics.

At the beginning of the development of Li.LAC, there was always the question of the effectiveness of microphone disinfection through UV-C light. The departments of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Microbiology & Infection Prevention at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the Netherlands, have been investigating the disinfection level of Li.LAC in comprehensive scientific studies since the end of 2020. The results have now been published in the renowned journal “Applied Sciences”.

The studies examined, among other things, the disinfection of the foams used in microphones. In further experiments, viruses were sprayed onto standard vocal microphones – similar to singing into the mic. The results show a reduction of 99.3% of the viral load on strongly contaminated microphones (including the metal grille and foam underneath) after 10 minutes irradiation inside Li.LAC.