ULA Group expands Audio Visual Events’ Astera inventory

ULA Group supplies Audio Visual Events with more Astera LED products.

Sydney-based Audio Visual Events (AVE) has invested steadily in Astera’s range of battery powered wireless controlled LED lighting products. In the last three months alone, the firm has purchased 80 AX5 TriplePARs and 16 Hyperion Tubes, which – along over 100 AX1 Pixel Tubes and AX3 LiteDrops already in stock – have been delivered by Astera’s Australian distributor, ULA Group.

AVE’s initial investment of 104 Astera AX1 Pixel Tubes were purchased at the end of 2019 and became invaluable during the early months of the company’s first ON AIR studio. “Everyone loves them, and visually the fixtures can provide that extra texturing and depth that really benefits AV-based recorded or streamed events,” commented AVE General Manager, Paul Keating.

With the success of the first batch of Asteras plus the “excellent” support from the ULA team, it also made sense to acquire more fixtures to replace some of their older products. Wireless control, Keating highlighted, was a major selling point AVE.

“The convenience from a labour perspective is obvious,” he explained. “This in turn fuels creativity and enables us to deliver more complex and dynamic light shows especially on site in smaller or more challenging spaces.”

Having the Asteras onboard and access to wireless operation has opened a whole universe of possibilities for AVE, especially where conventional trussing or rigging infrastructure is not available or possible. Being able to use Astera products in these and other improvised situations means they can still create corporate looks desired, even with little time and limited facilities.

Keating referenced Astera’s onboard LumenRadio CRMX has proved “flawless” for the AV Events team who often run up to 5 or 10 universes of wireless DMX. “The App control is hugely convenient to use a smartphone or tablet, and of course, the outstanding quality of light. These fixtures have all been extremely well thought out,” said Keating, adding that the IP65 rating is the ‘icing on the cake’ as they can work equally well indoors or outdoors. “With Astera you simply get everything all at once. Even the case layout is brilliant – so you can spot a missing item immediately.”

When not in use on AVE’s own shows, there is no shortage of dry hire demand for all the firm’s Astera products which also include AX5s, harnessed regularly for up-lighters for rooms and scenery.

“It’s obvious that Astera’s R&D team is listening to those working on the ground in film, TV and live events sectors, and they just keep on improving and innovating the products. This is a manufacturer invested in a long-term future for its brand,” Keating concluded.