UK Live Events Industry Campaigns to #KeepVATat5

In response to reports that the UK Government is planning to raise VAT on ticket sales back up to 20%, Live Music Industry Entertainment and Venues (LIVE) is coordinating letters addressed to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak and other key decision makers in UK Parliament to reduce the VAT on tickets to 5% amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To support the initiative, LIVE suggests the following steps:

1. Write to your local MP to urge them to #KeepVATat5. Download this template letter with instructions, or personalise however you see fit.

2. Encourage your friends, colleagues, networks, mailing lists and audiences to do the same. This is the single most important action point. Please don’t leave this for someone else to do; don’t assume it will happen if you don’t get involved. This needs everyone – please spread the word.

3. Post on social media (#KeepVATat5) about why this matters, and encourage your online networks to get involved. A zip file of assets (graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with key messages can be downloaded here.

Key campaign messages:

• To support our industry during this crisis the Government reduced the rate of VAT on ticket sales to 5% but now wants to increase this back to 20%.

• This increase in VAT will impact the entire ecosystem – the crews, the artists, venues and all employees – just when we need help to survive and recover the most.

• Increasing VAT by 400% at a time when the live music industry needs crucial support would be catastrophic for our recovery.

“Right now, financial support is vital to the survival of our industry and in backing these three simple steps, you could be instrumental in making a difference,” a LIVE press release stated.

More information is readily available on the LIVE website here.