Production Manager Daniel Gibson’s work ethic is evident; he’s focussed and ingrained as a cog on this tour, a tour that has grown considerably over the last couple of years. Having been with the band from the beginning of their real touring requirements, he knows what their show needs from day-to-day. Whereas in the beginning, the band bestowed a determination to succeed rooted in a DIY ethos, in 2017 their integrity remains… just on a much larger scale. The hard work paid off and these days TØP can be heard on daytime radio, soundtracking blockbuster films and selling out arenas on several continents. The one on home turf we had to see for ourselves, and their show production had to back up the hype. With a jaw-dropping assault on the senses, it seems to be doing a good job, but it’s the crew who have absorbed the importance of a genuine work ethic.

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Photos: Brad Heaton