TRANSCOLOR Invests in First robe iFORTES for Poland

Photo: Louise Stickland

Polish lighting rental company, TRANSCOLOR, has invested in Robe iFORTES, currently the highest-powered LED fixture from Robe’s expanding iSeries of IP rated products.

TRANSCOLOR owner Lucjan Siwczyk explained that they looked carefully at some different options when sourcing high powered IP rated luminaires before deciding on the iFORTE.

“Lighting designers and show producers are often wanting to work with IP rated products now. Obviously for any outdoor work and for various other circumstances,” Siwczyk commented, adding that a great advantage of iFORTE is that it resembles the standard (non-IP rated) FORTE in aesthetics and almost all features.

Siwczyk believes that Robe and TRANSCOLOR should support each other in their business: “We were separated from the Western world by the Iron Curtain for 50 years, and today people from the West work at Robe.”

With over 1,000 Robe fixtures in stock from the MegaPointe to the popular LEDWash 800 helps show the company’s willingness to invest in and promote Robe products which sends a strong and clear message out to other companies in the active Polish rental market.

The first project for the new iFORTES was the recent state visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the iFORTES were used to illuminate the courtyard outside Warsaw Castle, which displayed his speech onscreen.

The iFORTES were also on the 2023 Męskie Granie tour of eight cities in Poland which presents creative Polish music and one-off collaborations by major Polish artists and will be utilised at various music festivals during the summer.

Two of TRANSCOLOR’s studios are among the largest in Warsaw, which host regular TV productions such as the Polish version of You Can Dance, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Lego Masters, Got Talent, and Top Model and have also attracted some new clients producing digital and streamed events.