Developed by touring professionals, designed by musicians

Roeland Veugelen lifts the lid on a platform developed by touring professionals and designed by musicians.

In a bid to prevent tour managers from frantically sifting through their inbox to find that one important email with guest list information, a promoter contact, or a parking plot, – a platform developed by touring professional, Roeland Veugelen and fine-tuned by over 200 bands and crews – allows tour managers to focus on what is really important when on the road: creating memories for concertgoers with the fewest headaches possible.

While touring with Belgian singer-songwriter Milow in 2008, Veugelen began developing an online tour calendar that could do the planning of individual band and crew members and centralise call sheet information. “My goal, from the beginning, was to replace the tour book – ‘the book of lies’ – with accurate and real time information distributed to an entire travel party, which is also available to access on their laptops and phones,” he explained. “Although I initially made it for myself, local promoters became interested in it.”

Based on the positive feedback of dozens of tour managers using the self-made software, Veugelen made the decision to develop a fully-fledged commercial iteration of in 2013. “We began to offer it as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, so people could start using it.”  

The latest version of the software launches on 23 January. Prospective users can sign up to a free trial of the platform or explore subscriptions at: