TouringMiniCams is Now Hiring HD Lipstick Cameras

With over 25 years of using and adapting mini cameras for touring productions & extreme sports, Phil Woodhead of Woodcrab Ltd. has started a subsidiary company hiring HD lipstick cameras.

Having used the Marshall CV225 on various tours Woodhead believes this is the best all rounder out there. It’s easy to set up, rugged, discreet, adaptable and excellent quality.

“It seems the term “minicamera” is being used for larger and larger cameras these days but the CV225 is a true minicam. We had it placed on Liam Gallagher’s microphone stand last year and it took a right beating from Liam, but it kept on working throughout. This is why I decided to invest in these cameras” Said Woodhead.

TMC supply each lipstick camera unit with 3-4 different lenses, various clamps, pelicase, portable monitor,  and a 50m loom.

“I’ve been developing mini camera clamps and grips for years, starting out when I used to film climbing in the 90’s. You can get the usual clamps for placing around the drums etc. but with a little ingenuity, you can create some even more amazing shots. I’ve developed the hand grip to use around the drum kit, this allows the operator to push the cameras in between the cymbals and around the kit. You get some of the most visceral shots you can imagine, but as with all cameras, you gotta have the right operator” concluded Woodhead

Using these cameras can add creativity and also be very cost effective for the production, a single technician can look after 10,20 or even 30 of these cameras.