‘The value of your character goes a long way’ – Maisie Osborne

LED Technician and Backstage Academy alumni, Maisie Osborne, discusses her new role as Assistant Technical Manager of 4Wall’s space at Production Park, Unit 2.

4Wall UK welcomes Maisie Osborne as Assistant Technical Manager of Unit 2 at Production Park.

What does your new role at 4Wall UK entail?

“As Assistant Technical Manager, I manage 4Wall’s space at Production Park, Unit 2, make sure everything is running accordingly, facilitate tours of the space and demonstrations. I also do a lot of onsite work at exhibitions, festival sites and concerts with 4Wall as an LED Technician. Exploring and discovering new things is one of the reasons why 4Wall is a perfect fit for me. Since joining, I’ve attended the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam – which was my first excursion abroad – as well as All Points East, Bluedot Festival, and the Farnborough International Airshow.”

How did you land the role?

“I met the 4Wall team when they moved into Production Park, while I was studying Live Visual Design & Production (BA Hons) and working part-time at Backstage Academy. I knew right away that I wanted to work for the company. Thankfully, I did some warehouse work to build up my skill set and network and once I graduated, they kindly offered me a job.”

What inspired you to study Live Visual Design & Production?

“I have always been interested in live events from a performance perspective but quickly discovered that I preferred being backstage after studying a Production Arts course in Truro, Cornwall. Although I was initially interested in production management, as a very visual person, the art of video production matches the way my brain works.”

Why was Backstage Academy a perfect fit?

“Its location and vast network of contacts are amazing. Backstage Academy plays a key role in the development of the live events and entertainment industry workforce. My course did practical assessments with real world clients and projects, which teaches you how to perform in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment, learning skills from those operating in the industry. Backstage Academy lecturers are also willing to adapt to the fluid and ever-changing nature of the sector, which makes for more of a communal and collaborative approach to studying.”

What advice would you offer those looking to follow in your footsteps?

“Be personable. The value of your character goes a long way. This industry is a people-business foremost and the technological skills follow that. Getting your foot in the door is probably the hardest part of landing a job after graduating but once you’re in there, you’re off, whether you take the educational route or not. Personally, I’m hungry to learn and discover as much as possible now as I did as an undergraduate.”

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.