TAG invests in Ayrton Perseo Beam and Domino IP-rated fixtures

TAG Enhances its inventory with Ayrton Perseo Beam and Domino IP-rated fixtures.

Technical Arts Group (TAG) has invested in Ayrton Perseo Beam and Ayrton Domino IP65-rated fixtures, supplied by ACT Entertainment.

TAG was formed in early 2021 and specialises in lighting, audio, video, staging, special effects and event management. The company has offices in Secaucus, New Jersey and Miami, Florida.

“We were getting more post-COVID event work than we had equipment for, so we needed to increase our overall fixture count and quickly,” said TAG CRO, Kevin Mignone. “We are also seeing more outdoor festivals happening than ever before, where IP-rated fixtures are a necessity. Doug Mekanik at ACT arranged an Ayrton demo and we liked what we saw. The gear was in stock and we placed our order increasing our inventory by a hundred fixtures nearly overnight.”

The purchase marks TAGs first acquisition of Ayrton products. “Domino now has us covered in the hybrid spot wash category. Where the Perseo is the IP-rated beam/beam wash we needed,” explained Mignone. “All of the Ayrton fixtures are fast, clean and have beautiful gobos. Nothing in movement, colour, optics or brightness was sacrificed in these fixtures to have an IP rating.”

“There was very little time to get the units in and prepped for our first show, and Doug definitely earned a gold star in my book adhering to the schedule. We expect that as our need grows we will continue to invest in Ayrton fixtures, adding them to our continually growing inventory here at TAG,” Mignone reported.