Syncronorm launches Depence R3 

Depence R3 is the latest version of the multimedia show design and visualisation software Depence, developed and distributed by Syncronorm in Germany. 

After the release of the internationally established and widely used Depence² multimedia show design and visualisation software by Syncronorm three years ago, the next release of the Depence system is live.

With the release of Depence R3 on 3 January 2023, a new milestone has been reached, which will not only offer lighting designers many features that have been developed after intensive exchange with the worldwide Depence community, but which are also unique worldwide. In addition to the already extensive and comprehensive multimedia visualisation, it is now possible to integrate and visualise complex fireworks in Depence shows. In addition, there are numerous improvements and features that take the workflow to the next level.

Depence R3 offers a particle-based fireworks simulation, which cannot be found in any other visualiser. The simulation supports most common types of fireworks and comes with an already filled library with more than 3,500 different combinable effects and calibres. With the help of the included Asset Builder tool, custom effects can be created and saved with just a few clicks. In addition, Depence’s powerful engine is able to display smoke particles that behave physically correct when exposed to light. The brand-new FX Sound Engine, which is also included as a feature in Depence R3, provides the appropriate soundscape and makes the fireworks simulation even more lifelike. The fireworks simulation is fully embedded in the timeline environment of Depence, which makes it possible to program fireworks perfectly synchronised with the previously available show elements such as light, water, laser, or various special effects. With Depence R3 it is possible to develop a  fully comprehensive multimedia show concept and present it to the end customer on a single timeline or as a realistic rendering. 

In addition to the implementation of fireworks, Syncronorm has also focused on the field of virtual reality and with Depence R3 now enables extensive compatibility of various VR devices together with the realistic show visualisation of the Depence system, in real time. It is now possible to move freely within the 3D environment with the help of VR glasses (e.g., with the devices of the company HTC) and specially adapted controls for Depence. In this way, complex show designs can be experienced in a unique new way, as the creative person is in the middle of the visualisation and thus gains completely new perspectives on his or her own design. The new Live Panel Editor released with Depence R3, which is now largely independent of connected hardware, and which features a new interface, is also a helpful tool in the field of VR, as the freely customisable Live Panel can be accessed and controlled within Depence R3’s new VR mode. This makes it possible to activate and start shows and show segments directly within the virtual environment. 

To push the visualisation of complex multimedia shows even further, not only new major features have found their way into Depence R3, but also many other improvements of small and large nature. For example, Syncronorm are particularly proud of the new way in which LED fixtures are displayed. The lenses of these now mimic a real curved glass surface, allowing a significant leap in realism. The rendering of light around LED fixtures has also been further improved, giving the viewer an intuitive feel for the intensity of the light. This is also accompanied by the new “Glow & Glare” effect, which is exclusively available in Depence R3. 

This addition is based on the fact that small imperfections make a rendered image look even more realistic. Depence R3 therefore provides various possibilities to simulate the behaviour of camera lenses. Together with various setting options for these effects, there are new possibilities for the post-production of image and video material to further blur the boundaries between simulation and reality. This includes, for example, the ability to perform long exposures, which can create breathtaking images, especially in water simulation and fountain shows. 

A comprehensive overview of all the new features of Depence R3 can be found at: An upgrade of the system from Depence² to R3 is completely free of charge for all 2022 customers.