Symphotech winds down business

Symphotech has revealed that it has closed its doors. In a recent social media post, the company stated the following [sic]: 

The decision comes at a time that the lingering impacts of the global pandemic on the events industry are widely felt in the sector. Increased pressures on the small and mid-sized events and venues that are so important to us all are unfortunately resulting in unavoidable late and non-payment to suppliers like ourselves.

Despite tireless efforts by the new management team to navigate these inherited losses, coupled with the burden of fighting historical legal claims which arose under previous management, they have left the company unable to sustain its operations.

Founder and Glastonbury stalwart, Julian Spear, expressed his sadness and deep gratitude for the dedication and integrity of the current team, in particular the CEO. “The new team faced a huge challenge trying to turn around the company and deal with issues which arose after my illness and were then compounded by Covid’s effects.”

“They have lent every ounce of their experience and skill to support us and that incredible passion, drive and expertise meant that the company was on its way to recovery but in the end simply couldn’t survive these losses”.

Julian wished the team well, expressed his confidence in their futures, and thanked loyal customers, freelancers and supportive stakeholders who have been integral to Symphotech’s journey since 2011.

The company remains committed to doing all that it can to fulfil its obligations to employees, vendors, and partners throughout the closure process.

As Symphotech closes this chapter, it remains proud of its many contributions to the events sector. The company extends heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has been a part of its story.