Sugababes grace The O2 with a powerful production

In a year that has seen some notable pop group reunions, TPi checks-in with one of the most anticipated noughties comebacks – the Sugababes, who reformed with their original line-up at The O2 following several months of touring.

Every month or so, we check through the events listings at The O2 in London and Manchester’s AO Arena to work out what our next production profile might be. What has been amusing is that the listings for 2023 could have been torn straight from the early noughties with the likes of Busted, S-Club and JLS all reforming to provide some nostalgia to crowds in the UK and Europe. It’s almost as if people might be wishing to look back at simpler times…

One of the reunions which caught our attention at TPi HQ was the on-stage comeback of the Sugababes. The return of the original line-up of Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhán Donaghy has not been an easy road with the trio being embroiled in a battle over the use of the Sugababes moniker. The three singers have all discussed in the mainstream media how they have taken control following a chequered history of labels owning the brand. Now firing very much under their own stream, the band seem determined to bring their music back to the fans – a passion that has also filtered down to the production behind the group.

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: Luke Dyson