Sterling Event Group invests in Van Damme TourCat cables

Sterling Event Group chooses Van Damme TourCat cables for 'reliability and durability'.

Sterling Event Group has turned to Van Damme TourCat cables as part of its infrastructure to deliver live events for clients on a daily basis.

Supplying sound, lighting and video equipment to multiple industries, Sterling Event Group has expanded rapidly since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. With work split across the whole spectrum of sectors including corporate, private, public, sporting and live music, it is vital that all equipment is both reliable and durable.

Joseph Timmons, Head of Vision at Sterling Event Group, commented: “As our fleet of equipment grows the infrastructure behind it also needs to grow with it. Specifically within the vision department the Van Damme Tourcat cable links our screen management systems with our projectors, displays and LED screens.  We work on multiple projects in different locations so the cable has to survive life on the road and never let us down.”

David Barnard, Customer Services Manager at VDC Trading, said: “We’ve been working extensively with everyone at Sterling Event Group and are involved with many aspects including the manufacture of audio lines to lighting and RF systems.  The team is always a pleasure to work with and knows exactly what it wants, and how it wants it.  We’re delighted that Van Damme is delivering excellence exactly where it’s needed.”