Stagehand COVID-19 Crew Relief Fund: Round Six Now Open

The volunteer trustees at Stagehand, the original live production welfare fund, have revealed that, after further fundraising efforts and campaigns, the sixth application window for the COVID-19 Crew Relief Fund is now open.

Unlike some other funds that have already received grants, applicants can apply to multiple rounds of the fund. Applications for grants of up to £500 will be invited from those that have received zero or minimal support from UK government self employment or furlough schemes and haven’t any significant alternative income.

The fund is open to non-theatrical live event crew, for those in theatre, colleagues at the Theatre Artists Fund have support available, along with Backup Tech. Applications are open until Midday on Friday 11 June 2021.

“We intend to continue fundraising to enable further rounds, once all successful claims in round five have been settled,” Stagehand’s Andy Lenthall commented. “We owe a great deal to those that are supporting our fundraising efforts. We’ll be sending a fundraising update soon.”

Click here to apply.