SSR Manchester Becomes Spirit Studios

SSR Manchester rebrands to Spirit Studios.

To celebrate nearly 40 years of success and renowned expertise in audio engineering, with courses delivering Music Production, Music Business and Electronic Music Production, SSR Manchester has made the decision to return to its roots and rebrand as Spirit Studios.

While still very much a major part of the company, the London branch shall remain as SSR until the climate is right, and will essentially continue with the work that they do, but having far greater autonomy over what they do. Additionally, partners in Jakarta will also remain as SSR.

The change comes as a collaborative decision to ensure that the business continues to offer the best possible education for both its current and prospective students; through adapting to continuous changes within the education and creative industries.

To embrace a new stage of history, Spirit Studios has welcomed a number of incremental changes and upgrades, including replacing many of its studio consoles with brand new Audient ASP8024 Heritage Desks, creating brand new classroom facilities and making changes to common areas throughout the building.

For the first time, the unit will also house its very own radio station that will begin to air in 2019, providing new opportunities for all students and staff.

The changes aim to strengthen existing partnerships as well as forge on ahead, building new partnerships with industry as it competes to become the number one choice for music and audio education in the UK.