Sound Image expands Adamson Inventory

Dave Shadoan (Left) with Jesse Adamson (Right).

Sound Image, headquartered in Escondido, California, recently added 90 more Adamson loudspeakers to its inventory.

Sound Image already carries a significant inventory of E15, E12, SpekTrix and E218. The recent acquisition includes additional E15 and E12 enclosures as well as the new S10 line array and E219 subwoofers.

“Our first experience with Adamson was with the purchase of the Yaxis series from Jesse Adamson, who is now our director of business development,” explained Dave Shadoan, President and CEO of Sound Image.

“At the time we invested in Y18, Y10, SpekTrix and T21’s for our rental inventory. Years later Jesse and I worked together to make Sound Image one of the first beta partners in the US with the E15 line array.

“Now that he is on our team, it has made it that much easier for us to deploy the system.  Sound Image now has a knowledge and history with the product that is unsurpassed.”

Jesse Adamson, Director of Business Development at Sound Image, added: “With the continued growth of the Adamson fan base, it only made sense to add to our existing systems. The addition of the S10 cabinet makes the Adamson option even more flexible than it was in the past.”

Sound Image has provided Adamson PAs for a number of national tours including Imagine Dragons and Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP).

“I am a big fan of the Adamson rig,” added Bruce Reiter, FOH Engineer for FFDP. “We have had it out on tour twice now and each time it just gets better. The sound is amazing and the headroom is incredible. Even going full tilt there is plenty of room to spare.”

“Sound Image is a leader in the industry,” added James Oliver, Adamson’s Director of Marketing and Sales. “Dave is always interested in new technology – anything that can help them take sound to another level. Their continued support is an honour and I’m hoping we will continue to work together for a very long time.”