Snowboxx Festival Lighting Supplied By Fineline

Photo: Geoffrey Hubbel and Mickael Goncalves

Fineline supplied lighting for two venues at the six day 2016 Snowboxx Festival staged in the French Alpine ski resort of Avoriaz.

It was the first year that Fineline has been involved as a technical supplier. Stu England designed the rigs for both areas.

The main stage was outdoors on the slopes and comprised a 12-metre roof system beneath which Stu and the Fineline crew sub-hung four finger trusses running upstage/downstage.

The moving lights included 12 Robe Pointes, 12 ROBIN 600 LEDWashes and 12 ROBIN 100 LEDBeams, as well as six Martin by Harman Atomic strobes, 12 2-lite Moles and a string of ACLs in the air and on the floor.

There were also four 4-way bars of PARs for general stage washes.

“I went for a mathematical formula – everything was divisible by four… apart from the Atomics, but it’s always good to have a curved ball in the mix!” explained England.

Upstage was a truss on two motors that could be flown in and out to accommodate artist backdrops.

All lights were controlled via an Avolites Arena console, and only one band brought their own LD, so Fineline’s Will Dale operated for most of the rest, assisted by James Harrington.

Fineline also supplied lighting for Club XX, where the team operated six Chauvet Rogue R2 beams, six R2 washes, 16 Miltec LED battens, two Atomics and four 2-lite Moles, with an Avolites Tiger Touch console for control.

A 6-metre high by 4-metre wide trussing goal post was the superstructure onto which was hung a set of inverted wooden flats cut in the shape of a mountain range with screen material in the middle. This allowed it to be lit from both front and behind giving a 3D impression created with the Miltec battens inserted into the gap between the two sets of flats.

Looking after the Club XX stage lighting from Fineline were Sam Kenyon and Johnny Westall.

In addition to these, site wide architectural lighting positioned around the extensive site included 30 Chauvet SlimPAR 24’s, 20 400W MBI floods and six ETC Source Fours used for gobo art.

“It was the architectural elements that were the real challenge both in design terms and the practicality of powering, running data and rigging them,” explained England.

There was also a small sub-venue, Igloo, for which Stu and the team supplied four Robe Pointes, two fitted with custom gobos projecting the XX logo up the side of the mountain, plus four gas powered Flame jet machines – all run from an Avolites Quartz console.

England concluded, “It’s great to be involved with an up-and-coming event like this which is being organised by nice people with a genuine love of music and on a mission to deliver great production values to their fans.”