SMODE: An alternative option for content creation

TPi visits SMODE’s Paris offices to learn more about the media server manufacturer and its unique software, which provides an alternative option for content creation for live shows.

The importance of the media server within the infrastructure of the modern live show is undeniable, with LED-clad stages and artists looking for more creative video content than ever before. However, the lack of real-time flexibility compared to, say, a lighting operator who is able to alter visual cues at the drop of a hat, has been a hindrance to the discipline. 

Despite real progress being made in the development of real-time rendering options within live video, many productions still operate to a formula of content creators delivering a video, which is then set for the duration of a tour. SMODE aims to address this issue by increasing the flexibility for content creators and video operators with its range of media servers and innovative software.

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: Smode Tech