SLLFX Livestream Studio Hosts Nathan Dawe and Little Mix Single Launch

Dedicated DJ livestream studio hosts live launch party for Nathan Dawe and Little Mix's latest single, No Time For Tears.

SLLFX’s dedicated DJ streaming studio hosted the launch party for the new single from Nathan Dawe and Little Mix, No Time For Tears. The studio provided a stunning backdrop and the technical capabilities to handle the full delivery of the livestream.

“Our livestream studio has been a popular choice for DJs looking to deliver a professional look for their sets and it has hosted a great range of performances, but this single launch was probably the biggest thing it’s been used for so far,” said Adam Turbill, Managing Director at SLLFX and Project Manager for the launch. “This was a high-profile event for thousands of viewers with no room for error, so we needed to ensure that everything we delivered would meet the client’s high standards.”

To do this, Turbill designed a studio set to combine the best live entertainment technology with the technical capabilities to look perfect on a livestream. The backdrop for the event was SLLFX’ stunning Unilumin P3 LED screens which were complimented by lighting fixtures from Claypaky and effects equipment from the likes of LeMaitre and MagicFX.

The MA Lighting grandMA2 visuals and lighting desk expertly operated by Ben Butler provided a jaw-dropping spectacle enjoyed by all viewers. A Pioneer DJ setup gave Nathan Dawe the right tools to make the most of the launch with a Sennheiser wireless mic and L-Acoustics speakers completing the audio setup.

The visuals for the livestream were taken care of by Sony and Canon cameras while a Roland mixer and Blackmagic Design recorder ensured everything went to plan as the event went out live over Facebook and YouTube.

“Everything performed flawlessly on the night and ensured that we could deliver the livestream to the high standards that everyone wanted,” reflected Turbill. “This was a great example of the capabilities that we have at SLLFX. While the live events industry is suffering at the moment, productions like this show that the talent and equipment we have can make a difference for major artists who are trying to reach their fans. We were incredibly proud to be asked to be involved with the single launch and delighted with the response that we have had from our clients, but more importantly their fans. We couldn’t be happier with how it all went.”