SLLFX Celebrates Gamma Show Broadcast

SLLFX’ high-specification LED screen acted as a backdrop for presenters during the broadcast for Gamma Communications staff.

SLLFX and PSP AV joined forces to deploy the rental company’s brand new Unilumin UPADIII HD LED screen for a recent live broadcast from telecommunications provider Gamma Communications.

The broadcast was organised as an internal event for employees and featured a number of musicians, as well as a Zoom call style karaoke section starring staff members from the Gamma Communications team.

Delivering live broadcasts has been an exciting step forward for SLLFX, which has seen its livestreaming services in popular demand since the UK’s lockdown began. With many businesses pivoting to combat new challenges, SLLFX is excelling in the broadcast arena with its flexible solutions.

The Unilumin screen is a new addition to SLLFX’ extensive inventory of equipment and is designed specifically for live broadcast. The curvable screen can be installed and disassembled by one person, with a handy modular design and optional ground stacking system for maximum flexibility depending on the application. SLLFX also supplied a pair of Novastar VX4S processors to control the visuals.

“This was a highly anticipated event, with the added pressure of it being a live broadcast, so we knew that a high-end solution was required,” SLLFX Managing Director Adam Turbill explained. “The Unilumin screen is a fantastic addition to our stock because it’s so versatile for both indoor and outdoor events and it always delivers. It was the obvious choice for this project and gave the team at Gamma Communications exactly what they needed.”

The high-specification screen was used as a backdrop for the presenters to display branding, show information, animated logos, viewer polls and other elements. As well as the equipment, SLLFX’ team of technicians provided a level of expertise and dedication that was paramount to the smooth delivery of the project, particularly in a live setting where preparation is key.

“We built the screen in a test run prior to the event to make sure that everything worked perfectly, and installed a redundant line from the processor to the screen as a failsafe in case we came up against any issues,” said Turbill. “It’s those extra precautions that help us to reduce the pressures that come with live broadcasting.”

While delivering the correct solution for the project was the most important factor, the team SLLFX was working alongside provided a particular highlight. “To work with a long-time collaborator and Executive Producer on the project, Pete Goulding, was a real privilege for us,” Turbill concluded. “We were really proud to provide this equipment for industry peers.”