Shure Unveils the ADX1M Wireless Bodypack

Shure has announced its alternative to the traditional large bulky wireless bodypack: the ADX1M.

Large, bulky wireless bodypack transmitters have long posed a problem for applications such as theatre and broadcast where the transmitter needs to be comfortable, easy to conceal, and reliable.

Traditionally, production teams have managed with bodypack transmitters with harder edges and ones that have an external antenna. After considerable research with the industry to learn more about the frustrations users experience with traditional units, it was clear there was a desire for a transmitter with a more ergonomic design.

To learn more about what the industry required, Shure began consulting with key sound designers, theatre audio directors, and production audio technicians, which immediately gave us a lot of insight into the desired shape of a bodypack destined for theatre or broadcast talent. The result is a wireless transmitter that is extremely ergonomic, features an internal antenna, and produces an optimal signal when worn on the body.

The ADX1M is a micro bodypack unlike any other before it, particularly in the digital wireless realm. The unique form factor is made from an Ultem PEI construction, which enables us to manufacture an exceptionally small and streamlined, heat resistant pack that is perfect for discreet placement and comfort.

Swapping the traditional external antenna in favour of a new internal design was critical to achieving a true micro form factor. The antenna has always been a point of frustration for users, as it ultimately adds to the overall size and provides a port-of-entry for unwanted sweat and moisture that can damage the transmitter over time.

ADX1M not only internalises the antenna, but it also brings new patent-pending adaptive technology to the market that enables the optimal body-worn signal performance briefly mentioned above. We’ve always known that transmitters worn close or on the skin dramatically compromise its performance— the ADX1M helps to mitigate this problem.

Never one to compromise on audio or signal quality, we were able to achieve this elegant design while also retaining the outstanding performance you expect. ADX1M is part of the ADX range of transmitters, designed to work as part of our new flagship digital wireless system, Axient Digital.

Engineered from the ground up, Axient Digital features a new modulation scheme, designed to handle the challenging RF environments modern engineers face. As part of the ADX range of transmitters, ADX1M also features remote control through our ShowLink access point, enabling remote transmitter control and automatic interference avoidance.